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Walter Sinnott-Armstrong is Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics at Duke University in the Philosophy Department, the Kenan Institute for Ethics, the Duke Institute for Brain Science, and the Law School. He publishes widely in ethics, moral psychology and neuroscience, philosophy of law, epistemology, informal logic, and philosophy of religion.

Jana Schaich Borg is an Assistant Research Professor in the Social Science Research Institute and Affiliate Faculty member with the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience. Schaich Borg uses neuroscience, computational modeling, and emerging technologies to study how we make social decisions that influence, or that are influenced by, other people. She uses a variety of neuroscience and data science techniques to pursue her interdisciplinary reserach.

Lok Chan is a post-doctoral Associate in the Social Science Research Institute and the Department of Population Health Science. Lok is interested in the intersection between artifical intelligence, data science, and philosophy of science. He wrote his dissertation on the role of abductive reasoning in the context of Bayesian statistical thinking.

Kenzie Doyle is the manager for the Moral AI lab and a post-baccalaureate research technician in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences. She graduated from Grinnell College in 2015 with a B.A. in Psychology. Her interests include physiological affective science, the digital humanities, and personality psychology.

Duncan McElfresh is a PhD student in Applied Mathematics (AMSC) at the University of Maryland, and is advised by John P. Dickerson. His research focuses on both practical and theoretical applications of AI, to solve problems with societal and ethical implications. He has studied a variety of application areas, including kidney exchange, public health communication, and homelessness assistance.

Claire Fu is an undergraduate student at Duke University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

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Vincent Conitzer is a Kimberly J. Jenkins University Professor of New Technologies and Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Economics, and Professor of Philosophy at Duke University. He received the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, the main AI award for a researcher under 35, as well as a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

John Dickerson is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland. He develops practical approaches to solving economic problems using techniques from stochastic optimization and machine learning. He is an NSF CAREER recipient, Facebook Fellow, and Siebel Scholar.

Gayan Seneviratna is a first year Master’s student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program at the Pratt School of Engineering. He is currently working on turning data from the trust game videos into measures of synchrony. He also makes the occasional software widget for the team.

Daniela Goya-Tocchetto is a Ph.D. student in Management and Organizations at Duke University. Her research explores the nature and impact of ethical decisions in organizations and society more broadly. She is particularly interested in the psychological mechanisms that enable the maintenance of unjust organizational and social arrangements.

David Rein is an undergraduate student at Duke majoring in computer science, with minors in mathematics and philosophy. He broadly cares about positively shaping the development of artificial intelligence.

Joy Becker is an alum of Grinnell College with a B.A. in Biology. As part of a long meandering journey towards finding a career path, she happens to find herself collecting data for the Trust Game. Her current interests include neuroscience, bioinformatics, and pestering her two cats.

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